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4 Questions

Every Parent Should Ask When Choosing a Dance Studio

Don't most dance studio's offer the same thing?

Does it really matter which dance studio you decide to choose? YES!

There are 4 main things that you should take into consideration when picking a dance studio for your child.

1. What is the student to teacher ratio?

If the dance class has fewer students per teacher, each child will receive more personalized attention, learn more and have more fun. This ensures that each student understands the concepts and instructions. A smaller ratio makes sure that no fundamental concepts are being missed.

Our classes average between 10-15 students. In lower Levels, we have 1 teacher and 1 or 2 assistant teachers to ensure that every student is learning at their maximum individual potential. No one gets overlooked!

2. Does the studio have a dress code?

Dressing properly for dance class gives the student mobility and lets the teacher see if any students are developing bad habits or improper technique. Loose, ill-fitting clothing and fly-away hair hinders a students progress dramatically. Since the focus should be on maximizing the student's potential, a strict dress code should be adhered to. This also encourages self-discipline and pride in one's appearance.

Not only does our school have a dress code, each level has an individual color. This gives the students a sense of pride of belonging to a special group. Team spirit goes a long way towards a positive attitude in the classroom. For your convenience, you can purchase these items at our school saving you valuable time.

3. What is the recital experience like?

Most studios put on a year-end show on stage. Students that perform must have a costume for each dance number. Some studios may require parents to sew their child's costume and have an entirely different costume for each dance number.

All of the hassle is taken out of costume time at our studio. We size and order the costumes and students usually only have to buy 1 costume for ballet, tap and jazz. Many times, costumes are borrowed from our performing company or from former students, so that also helps with extra costumes. Also, NADT provides ALL Nutcracker costumes so parents are out no expense!

FULL STORY BALLETS are presented each spring which offers our students a complete theatrical experience which doesn't just showcase thier dancing talent but gives them the chance to 'play' a character. Our students and parents love this aspect of our program which other schools don't always offer. Some of the ballets we have done are "The Wizard of Oz," "Peter Pan," "Little Mermaid," "Alice in Wonderland," "Snow White," and "Carnival" to name a few.

4. Does the studio have any other performing outlet besides the year end recital?

Why is performing a good thing? It creates poise, self-confidence, teaches camaraderie and how to be a team player. The feeling of accomplishment and a job well done teaches students that hard work pays off. Character building is enhanced and reinforced through performing which stays with the dancer throughout his/her life. It takes the joy of dance out of the classroom and into the world to share the gift of dance with others. The more often the dancer gets to perform, the more these values are reinforced.

We have 3 additional performing outlets:

*Our non-profit performing troupe, The North Arkansas Dance Theatre, is comprised of our most dedicated students from the intermediate/advanced levels. These dancers do all of the major ballet parts for "Nutcracker." Plus we do nursing home performances, larger scaled benefits, festivals and everything in between. This enables our dancers to interact with people throughout our area. The joy that these dancers bring to their audiences, doubles back to each dancer not only from the joy they receive from dancing, but also from knowing that they are doing something very worthwhile which took skill, hard work and determination to achieve. They are able to give of themselves to others, and isn't this what life is all about? In this non-competitive atmosphere, dancers learn confidence and teamwork. They always feel good about themselves because there is no "winning or losing" involved, so it bolsters self-esteem.

*We also offer competitive dance for students who wish to compete in regional and national events. We offer a complete package of organization, skill, choreography, music and qualified coaches.

*Every year, we present a full length "Nutcracker" that lets our students participate in the wonder of this timeless ballet. We bring in guest artists to add to the professionalism and sophistication of this production. Participation is not mandatory for our students but is a perk that we offer anyone from age 5-70 to participate in. We have over 100 people in our production. It is a community event that is unequaled to none with extraordinary costumes, sets, lighting and dancing. Plus costumes are provided!

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