Executive Director and Co Founder - Cindy Hubberd

Cindy studied in Houston with the Houston Ballet, Patsy Swayze's Dance Studio and with Camille Hill, a reknown modern/jazz teacher and choreographer, in New York with American Ballet Theatre and School of American Ballet, and in London, England at the Royal Ballet School and the Royal Academy of Dance. She excelled at all of her Royal Academy of Dance exams and is certified to teach all RAD curriculum. She danced with the Allegro Ballet and Discovery Dance Group (a modern/jazz company) both of the Houston area, and she danced as a soloist with the Houston Ballet and the Frankfurt Ballet of Germany.

Cindy has done choreography for several Batesville Community Theatre productions, and was involved with the “Arts in the Park” program. She has been teaching for 36 years and has schools in Batesville, Mtn. View, and Izard County and is also taught dance at Lyon College for 10 1/2 years.

She founded the North Arkansas Dance Theatre along with Patrick Crommett in 1995 that allows the more dedicated students of the tri county area to perform regularly throughout the year and to share dance with their communities. Aside from community performances, NADT danced with Ballet Magnificat! in 1998 and with Batesville Community Theatre in "The King and I" in 2000, and now has staged and co-choreographed "The Nutcracker" which not only involves the company but the entire community and has been performed annually for the past 8 years. She has had several students win in local and state fairs, and now her Competition Team has won top honors in Little Rock, Branson, Orlando and Kansas City. Several competitors went to NYC to train at National Conventions. Many of her dancers have continued with their dancing after leaving the NADT Dance Academy.

Dancing Thru The Decades -  biographical news article about Cindy Hubberd & NADT

      Assistant Director and Choreographer - Hannah Wells

Hannah Paulson Wells has danced with the Izard County Dance Academy since it’s beginning in 1994.
She was a teacher’s aide since age 14 and now teaches at all three Academies, for the non-profit company, and runs the Izard County Academy. She has attended several workshops to further her dance education. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Physcology and teaches dance at Lyon College. She has been the main competition coach since the team's inception in 2009 which further displays her choreographic and teaching skills.   Hannah is also the Assistant Director for North Arkansas Dance Theatre, and is our head coach and choreographer. She teaches dance at Lyon College and has created 2 full length productions along with a vast repertoire of individual pieces in all dance forms.

            Ballet Mistress and Instructor - Lauren Gunderman

Lauren Gunderman has danced with the NADT Dance Academy since the age of three. She is a 2012 graduate of Batesville High School, and she is thrilled to continue spreading dance throughout the area. Lauren is pursuing a degree at Lyon College where she will graduate in May 2016. Lauren teaches all forms of dance to all ages, including creating her own choreography.   She has proved herself to be an amazng asset to NADT as Ballet Mistress for the company. 

            Instructor and Coach - Amanda Matteson

Amanda Matteson is 22 years old and has been dancing for the past 8 years. She currently teaches in all NADT schools, and she says her favorite part of teaching is the “light bulb” moment for her students. This is Amanda’s 4th year as a member of the Company and her 3rd year coaching competition students.

Instructor and Coach - Carrie Lewis

Carrie Lewis was one of Cindy's first students in Mountain View in the late 1970s.  She has taught dance for many years and has integrated her group of White River Cloggers into the NADT Dance Academy.  She is also an experienced coach for the Mountain View High School Dance Team, and the NADT Competition Team. 

        Instructor and Coach - Makenzie McDonald

Makenzie McDonald is 18 years old and has been dancing for 11 years. She has been a company memer for 6 years and is a dance teacher for the Batesville School. Makenzie attends UACCB and is a former student of Batesville High School and member of the Prancer Team.  This is her first year as a Competitive Coach. 

        Instructor and Coach - Olivia Tuggle

Olivia Marie Tuggle is 16 years old and has been dancing for 8 years. This is her 4th year as a NADT member. She dances and teaches at Batesville studio and is so thankful that God has blessed her with that opportunity. She hopes one day to pursue a career in choreography and always stay involved in dance.  This is her first year as a Competitive Coach. 

        Instructor and Coach - Paige VanDyke

Paige Anne Van Dyke is 18 years old and a Senior at Mountain View High school. She started ballet when she was 3 in Hampton, IA. When she moved to Mountain View 10 years ago, she started dancing with Ms. Cindy. Paige has been a member of the NADT company for 7 years. This is her 9th year in The Nutcracker and was one of the original cast members. She is a 2nd year member of the Senior Varsity Dance Team and a member of the BETA Club. This is her 3rd year dancing competitively, and her first year Coaching. 

        Instructor and Coach - Stephenie Matteson

Stephenie Matteson teaches for our Academies in Mountain View and Batesville.   She enjoys all dance forms and is is a new addition to our coaching staff. 

Contributing Teachers and Aids -  Katie Wilson, Samantha Matteson, Abigail Woodruff, Erin Rider, Hannah Spann, Alex McNabb, Joy Covington, Brittney Dudra, Katherine Newman, Tabitha Cole, Morgan Weaver, Sara Erby