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Batesville Dance Schedule

4:00-4:25 Levels 4 & 5 Tap for 2nd - 6th graders
4:25-5:15 Levels 4 & 5 Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical for 2nd - 6th graders
5:15-5:55 Hip Hop 1 & 2 for 2nd grade-new 8th graders
5:30-6:20 Combo Dance & Gymnastics for 3 - 5 years old Pre K
6:00-6:50 Level 6 Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical for experienced 4-7 grades
6:50-7:15 Level 6 Tap  for thoses eligible for Level 6
4:05-4:30 Level 7 Tap for experienced grades 5-9
4:30-5:20 Level 7 Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary for experienced grades 5-9
5:30-6:10 Level 3 Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical for 1st-new 3rd graders
6:10-6:35 Level 3 Tap tap for those eligible for Level 3
6:30-7:20 Adult Tap Ages 16 and up
3:50-5:00 Pointe 2 Advanced for Pointe & Ballet technique
4:00-4:40 Level 6 Pointe for Pointe & Ballet technique
5:00-5:45 Level 8 Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary for experienced 8- 12 graders
5:45-6:20 Level 8 Tap for those eligible for Level 8
4:00-4:40 Level 7 Pointe for Pointe & Ballet technique
4:40-5:25 Hip Hop 3 for experienced 7th graders and up
5:30-6:15 Level 2 Ballet/Jazz for those in K-2nd grade
6:15-6:35 Level 2 Tap for those eligible for Level 2
5:40-6:30 Combo Gymnastics/Dance for 3—5 year old Pre Kindergarten
6:35-7:35 Ballroom Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

Explanation of Class Curriculum

Creative Movement (Level 1 & Combo) — Students will be exposed to Ballet Basics and different types of movement accompanied by music. As well as dancing, students are engaged in ‘sing-alongs’ and usage of basic instruments. This is a great introductory class for youngsters to get accustomed to a class room setting, participating in group activities, sharing with other students, and following instructions. In the Combo Class, we add rudimentary tumbling/gymnastics.

Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary (Level 2 thru Level 8) — Students will be exposed to different forms of dance during this session. Ballet is the foundation of all dance and it is extremely important to be well grounded in ballet to excel in other forms. Younger students will start with jazz, then lyrical will be added. In the highest two levels, we add Contemporary.

Ballet/Pointe—More advanced students will extend their ballet training to pointe (toe shoes).  This is a ballet technique class for students that are training to wear, or are already dancing in pointe shoes. Pointe class consists of barre work as well as floor work. Strength training and conditioning is required to obtain the necessary muscle functions of dancing ‘en pointe.

Tap (Level 2 -Level 8) - Students will be exposed to a curriculum of Tap dancing. Tap shoes are required so that dancers can execute the necessary rhythm and sounds of tap dancing.

Hip Hop — This class engages students in an increasingly popular form of jazz; Hip Hop. Widely viewed on TV programs, movies, and music videos, Hip Hop is sometimes known as street-dancing. We incorporate music of Hip Hop, Rap, and Pop genres.

Ballroom- This is an older teen-adult dance course that teaches all of the social ballroom dances such as waltz, foxtrot, cha cha, swing, tango, samba, salsa, rumba, etc. No partner is required.

Competition: We offer original choreography and intensive training for students that want to go to dance competitions.

North Arkansas Dance Theatre- Our performing troupe that performs at all kinds of functions and events free of charge. NADT costumes, lessons/rehearsals, jackets & shirts are FREE to members and paid for by the non-profit.

Private Lessons- Those who want to have one-on one training to advance at a faster and more technical rate, we offer private lessons.




Dress Code Colors

All supplies can be bought at the school
        Level 1 & Combo    -   White Leotard
        Level 2                    -    Pink Leotard                     Level 5        -     Black Leotard
        Level 3                    -    Blue Leotard                     Level 6        -    Royal Blue Leotard
        Level 4                    -    Red Leotard                      Level 7 & 8 -    Any Color

Hip Hoppers can wear comfortable/stretchy solid black pants (no jeans, capris or shorts), a long tshirt & dance shoes or tennis shoes. Hair and long bangs must be tied back in ponytail with clippies or headband.

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